Learn How To Start Merchant Account Services

People under your belt act as if you already have businesses on your portfolio act as if you’re already making $, a month in residual income act as if this guy would just be a waste of time for you to go sit down.

With him and show him credit card processing rates you know all you want to do is you want to show them that this is the solution for their situation that’s all it is so four steps to the close give them their options ARB okay mister customer so you see here I’m saving about forty to nine dollars a month um if you are able to take this money on a monthly basis I mean what would you use it for well it’s really not going to do much probably going to pay my car go see in those situations what you want to do is you want to give them options um.

merchant account services

Well mr. customer analyzers your your your analysis that I’m sorry I analyzed your statement and I was able to see that there’s really not that much savings okay but I was able to do something for you now I know you’re dealing with one of the big guys you know it’s your bank and obviously it’s hard for a small business like me to compete with the big guys but I was able to make a few calls in my national manager was actually able to have.

Them match your rates but what I’m also going to be able to do is I’m going to be able to pay your cancellation fee and then I’m also going to be able to give you a free terminal like I mentioned earlier now if I know that you’re very interested in supporting the local businesses and all but it is really your your decision here I mean I’m only saving you about bucks a month but if you were to save that money how soon.

Would you start saving that money would it be today or and then should be quiet and find out what they say oh yeah that’s nice you know I actually closed a deal like that believe it or not this guy I wasn’t saving on more than $. and I told them I know it’s hard it’s hard.

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