Outdoor Lighting Tips


Garden lighting or landscape lighting is the use of outdoor lighting of public and private landscapes for the enhancement and aesthetic purposes of security, night visibility, access, safety, aesthetics, and recreation, and cultural and social events. The materials used for outdoor lighting could either be man-made like wiring, or natural like light bulbs. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Wiring can be problematic and prone to damage and is expensive. On the other hand, the natural light provided by the sun and trees is steady and free of other hazards.

Outdoor lighting can be effectively used both inside and outside the house by utilizing energy efficient low voltage lamps and fixtures, solar lights, LED bulbs, motion sensor lights, and low voltage transformers. Low voltage light bulbs are safe, efficient, and reliable sources of outdoor lighting. Solar lights use solar panels to power them. LED bulbs are energy efficient but only offer maximum light intensity for a limited period of time.

Motion sensor lights are the most popularly used type of outdoor lighting because they are effective and provide adequate lighting for many outdoor areas. However, these lights are often sensitive to temperature changes, making them inappropriate for certain occasions like holidays or special events. Outdoor wall-mounted lights are another popular option for many homeowners. Wall-mounted lights are ideal for areas that cannot be accessed via stairs. They are usually mounted on the wall as its name suggests, but some come equipped with a cable that connects to an outlet. To ensure long-lasting service, make sure that the cords are kept away from the face of the lamp bulb.

Home security lights are an ideal alternative for outdoor lighting, especially for those who don’t want interference from the outside. These lights are ideal for inhibiting unwanted access to a home or preventing someone from breaking in. In many cases, homeowners can purchase security lights that turn on when a sensor is triggered. The lights illuminate the intruder when they try to enter the property. This is an effective means of keeping unauthorized access to homes and properties.

There are other types of outdoor lighting besides the ones mentioned above. There are spotlights, post lights and lanterns available for home owners who want to add ambiance to their gardens, patios and porches. Spotlights are ideal for outdoor wall lighting because they can provide ample light on key areas of the garden. They can also be used to highlight a specific flower bed or tree. A post light can illuminate a path or the path to a door. As for lanterns, these are ideal for adding light to porches or poolside areas.

One type of outdoor lighting that is becoming increasingly popular is Dark Sky compliant lighting. This technology uses opt LEDs instead of incandescent bulbs to produce the light. LEDs are a great deal more efficient and durable than the traditional incandescent bulbs that were used to create outdoor lighting. Because LEDs are so efficient, they will cost less than incandescents over time.